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About Us

Bonjour French classroom is a well based French educational institute in Delhi the heart of India. It was established in the year 2013 to promote French language teaching and knowledge of the cultures of French speaking countries throughout the world.

Today our success can be measured by the fact that we have a presence, both in Knowledge and Internships, in all the leading Education Institution of the country. We are among the top ten Growing Institute in India and known name in Bonjour French classroom Best french classes in delhi NCR We have a high tech language audio & video classroom at Bonjour French Classroom.

It’s been a long journey and we have covered ground in many different ways. There were the highs and lows as it happens with everybody but now we can identify our strengths and talk about them.

Our faculty is another of our strengths. They are one of the pillars who have made our journey a success. They provide the best industry relevant, teaching and training that helps our students to get the top jobs in the emerging language and professional courses.

The employees, staff and management of Bonjour French Classroom are professionals who have studied and worked in the premier institutions and organizations of the country including top Schools and Colleges.

Method & Text Book (BFC)

Whether you are a complete stranger to the language or possess prior knowledge in French, at BFC you can always start afresh by choosing a course that suits your level and availability. We offer courses that are adapted to teach children as well as adults, professionals, students, housewives…

The education team of BFC comprises qualified teachers who specialize in teaching French as a foreign language. Courses are designed with special focus on communication skills, written as well as oral.

Why French Language?

Why choose French over others?

Influential Language

French is the second most influential language in the world.

41 Countries

French is the official language in 41 countries in the world.

180 million people

180 million people around the world understand, speak, read or write French.

Second Language

French is the most widely taught “Second Language” after English.

Official Language

French, along with English, is the official working language in numerous organizations.

Salary Increase

Ability to speak French will increase one’s job opportunities and salary potential.

Objectives & Functions

Update teaching methods

To up-date the teaching methods and teacher training.

French Culture

To spread the French culture, in collaboration with other institutes and schools in all over India.

Audio Video Classroom

We perfect student in writing, listening (with audio video classroom), speaking, grammar etc.. with all element’s.

Project Works

We give project works to enhance their vocabulary.

Spreading Knowledge

To participate in programmes to spread the knowledge of the French language.

Courses & Classes

Specialize Classes for:- French grammar (Passe composé, Futur Simple, Futur Proche, Adjectifs (possessifs, interogatifs, demonstratifs), Pronoms personnels, Pronom y, Pronom en, Pronom complement objet direct (cod), Pronom complement object indirect (coi), pronotoniques, negatifs, interrogatifs, futur anterrieur, subjonctifs, gerondifs, all forms of interrogatifs, pronoms demonstratifs, pronoms personnelles, pronoms sujets, DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2.